Scientifically tested protective coatings


Protect your vehicles paintwork and surfaces with an ultra-durable, hydrophobic, high-gloss, optically clear ceramic coating.


Paint protection is the application of a protective coating to a vehicles paintwork.

At GlossLab, we offer the full range of Gyeon coatings and composite coatings.

Paint protection keeps harmful contaminants and dirt away from the paint itself, improving gloss and finish, whilst reducing cleaning and drying times when washing.

Gyeon Q2 MOHS+


Q2 Infinite Base

Glossy and highly self-cleaning coating system.

Q2 Infinite Base is a sophisticated, one layer, stand alone solution coming with the GYEON Infinite Warranty scheme.

The ceramic coating features unique technology in its formulation, being based on fluoro-modified polisylazanes.

Q2 Infinite Base prevents watermarks and stains, has extreme chemical resistance and next-level UV protection.

Gyeon Q2 DuraFlex


Q2 Infinite Top Coat

More gloss, enhancement & durability.

Q2 Infinite Top Coat is the ultimate tool to enhance the performance and durability of the hydrophobic effect of Q2 Infinite Base.

The prime goal of Q2 Infinite Top Coat is to enhance the looks and durability of the hydrophobic effect as well as self-cleaning abilities of the base coating.

It is recommended to use the topcoat in harsh climates, heavy winter conditions or on vehicles being heavily used.

Gyeon Q2 Flash


Q2 Flash

Designed to bond quickly to any glossy paintwork.

Great self-cleaning & hydrophobic properties.

Extended chemical & UV protection to any automotive paint.

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